Our society is based on the systems of maintenance of social infrastructure, environmental protection and renovation, and disaster prevention. It is also supported by various systems, such as a medical system and a manufacturing management system which offer products and services, in order to create an enriched life. In the Department of Civil Engineering and Systems Management, we aim to educate engineers who produce and manage various systems to maintain our society. For our aim, we offer two new programs, the Civil and Environmental Engineering Program, and the Systems Management and Engineering Program, which combine the domains of natural science and social sciences.

Civil and Environmental Engineering Program

All research and educational activities are related to the construction and management of infrastructure, such as transportation system, buildings and lifelines, for a safer and more comfortable urban society. Any student graduated from this program may become a versatile, innovative engineer who can be qualified for solving various kinds of problems including environmental management, disaster prevention and urban renovation, which are necessary right now or in future, from local area to global level.

Key Words: Structural Engineering, Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Urban Planning and Transportation Engineering, Construction Material, Construction management

Systems Management and Engineering Program

Program of Systems Management and Engineering offers the curriculum to learn management technology for planning, designing, operating, evaluating, improving and innovating production systems, business process systems and social systems. The subjects of curriculum are based on Industrial engineering & management and Information technology.

Key Words: Production System, Business Process, Social System, Systems Management, Industrial Engineering